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Moose & Bear Design Wrought Iron Wood Rack | Wood Storage Bin


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Wood rack with Moose & Bear design silhouette

Ideal Wrought Iron offers a wrought iron moose & bear accent wood storage rack that measures 16 inches wide x 17.50 inches high x 18 inches long or deep. Maintain a neat and uncluttered household both as a collection point as a fire place wood rack or wood storage bin. The laser-cut moose & bear accent silhouette is “encased” within the overall structure of both sides of the wood storage bin. Wood storage bin sides are formed of a single, laser-cut metal sheet and includes top arc, bottom straight connector of two vertical metal strips forged to form curls for decoration on the top and feet on the bottom, and the silhouette. Lastly, a final strip of forged metal is welded on the bottom center of the iron wood storage holder from end to end, bent upwards to match the height of the side curls. Factory powdered coated.

Wood Storage Specifications:


  • Moose & Bear accent wood storage dimensions are: 16″ Wide x 17 1/2″ High x 18″ Long or Deep.


  • Laser-cut moose & bear silhouette is “encased” within the structure of the two main sides
  • Powder coated for long lasting durability
  • Moose on one side and bear on the other


  • For indoor use
  • Place in a common living area to show off the exquisite wrought iron beauty and utility as a fire place wood storage bin.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 19 in


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